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Global Mobility Services

Strategically Manage Your Mobile Workforce across the Globe

For many organizations, growth depends on global expansion, but international assignments can present challenges that are vastly different from domestic relocations. Even short term business trips can create potential tax and/or social security issues in other countries, territories or states. Whether you are considering an acquisition, relocation of a facility, starting operations in a new territory, or looking to streamline your processes and procedures, Crowe Horwath can help you. Our comprehensive and current knowledge of employment and income tax rules for mobile employees can support your effectiveness with managing global tax compliance. Linking mobility matters with your overall corporate tax strategy is equally important. Effective planning and preparation for each assignment along with implementing policies and processes that align with your strategy will help minimize company risk and enhance the overall global assignment experience. Your globally mobile employees are critical to your organization's expansion -- tax issues should not interfere with their success.

Coordinating and managing the cross-border tax and social security details for your cross-border employees can be complex and time-consuming. Where countries have multiple internal tax jurisdictions, activities in each area can have significant impact on a company's tax burden. Current knowledge of tax, immigration, and employment issues, along with effective planning and preparation, are essential to minimizing your company's overall tax burden and remaining compliant. Permanent establishment and corporate tax matters must also be addressed. Our senior advisors have significant global experience and understand how to deliver our services effectively with empathy for the stress associated with unfamiliar tax regimes.

Value beyond Tax Preparation

Crowe provides consulting and advisory services to help organizations plan, develop, implement, and manage their international assignment programs.

We work to reduce company and employee tax liabilities before and after an assignment through strategic tax planning, process efficiencies, and aligned business strategies.

Crowe global mobility services include:

  • Employee tax compliance services and tax consulting, including overall management/coordination
  • Mobile employee management advisory services
  • Employer risk management and compliance assistance
  • Short term business travel advisory and compliance assistance 
  • Coordination with corporate tax reporting (permanent establishments, transfer pricing, etc.)
  • Global mobility policy design and implementation
  • Compensation and benefits reporting and consulting
  • Host country payroll assistance and global compensation accumulation
  • Social security planning and compliance
  • Work and travel permissions/permits/visas

Why Crowe Horwath?

Skilled Advisers
Our knowledgeable, diverse and experienced teams are guided by senior professionals, many of whom have a firsthand understanding of employee and company issues as former 'expats' themselves. Our collaborative team members work closely with you to provide personal service on a global scale while leveraging their unique perspectives to enhance your overall client experience with Crowe Horwath. 

Regular Contact
Crowe Horwath values each client relationship and our professionals regularly converse with home and host tax specialists to help mitigate compliance-related risks, effectively manage tax obligations, and minimize tax-related anxiety for the international employee.

Integrated and Seamless Approach
Our professionals understand the complexity of operating across multiple tax jurisdictions. We align our processes and multi-national expertise with your objectives to provide support for your cross-border assignments effectively and efficiently. With 640 offices and nearly 28,000 employees worldwide, we are working where you are.

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