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Take a Comprehensive Approach to Enterprise Risk Management 

Taking a proactive stance leads to more effective strategies to minimize the downside while maximizing the upside of risk.

Crowe Horwath GRC helps you look at how risk is managed throughout your organization so you can be empowered to react timely, decisively, and profitably within today’s complex global marketplace. Specifically, they provide a practical, five-step approach to core enterprise risk management (ERM):

  1. Organize the effort;
  2. Establish a framework;
  3. Conduct risk assessments and risk analyses;
  4. Inventory risk responses; and
  5. Implement risk-response monitoring.

Our professionals pave the way for setting clear priorities and moving forward with effective risk-management practices by helping you:

  • Link risk management to achievement of operational goals and strategic objectives;
  • Obtain greater transparency into enterprise-wide risks;
  • Establish accountability for management of specific risks;
  • Address high-priority concerns of board members and other key stakeholders; and

Build a strong foundation for improved oversight and corporate governance.  

Many investors are willing to pay a premium for organizations committed to excellence in corporate governance. Crowe Horwath International developed its Crowe Horwath Corporate Governance Framework™ to help organizations reduce risks, identify gaps, and close them for improved performance. 

Jonathan Burnett

Jonathan Burnett 
Global Chief Executive Officer
UK / EMEA Region Lead 

Mike Varney Mike Varney 
Managing Director CHGRC
 Region Lead
Yangchew Ooi Yangchew Ooi 
Asia/Pacific Region Lead
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